Friday, January 29, 2010

"DECKALICIOUS" Skateboard Art Show


Saturday, March 20, 2010
5:00pm - 10:00pm
Spaghetti Project
1025 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA
Calling All Artist
Purchase your Blank Decks from Spaghetti at $30 which includes your registration fee.
Registration starts on January 30th.
All entries must be submitted by deadline of March 17.
There is a $15 per deck entry fee for any decks not purchased at Spaghetti Project.
There are no limits on the number of decks you can submit.
Any medium goes: paint it, collage it, cut it, carve it, color & create it, deconstruct it, reconstruct it, you name it - as long as there is a skateboard involved!
Grand Prize $100
Any Questions? If so contact Spaghetti Project in person or via email:

Open Reception will be held at Spaghetti Project on Saturday March 20th, 5pm - 10pm.

Featured artists:
-->Imani K. Brown of Artistic Sole; Creator of Indian Pussy -

-->"Installation and works by Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings Collective" -
-->Bryan Collins of Downtown Fort Collins, CO Studio at the Gallery Underground -
-->Scott Sketo of Zephyr Tattoo Company -

-->oneeightyone - Artist -

-->Slic Nutz - Artist, Addicted to Ink from White Plains, NY -

-->burn353 - Artist, Graphic Designer from Litchfield, IL -
-->Mike Die - Artist, Space Ship Builder from Staten Island, NY-!/mike.die?v=info&ref=ts
-->Chris B. Murray - Artist, from Philadelphia, PA -

-->Hamilton Glass - Illustration & Design from Philadelphia, PA -
-->Melody Llewellyn (melodreama) - Artist from Toronto, Ontario, CA -

All featured artists decks will be for SALE!!! 

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