Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jeremyville – The Love Bunny

Kidrobot has taken the lid off of a few of their January drops including Australian artist Jeremeyville’s The Love Bunny plush. This large 16” soft plush is due just in time for Valentine’s day (drops in late January) and will retail for $29.95. He also comes with a bonus 8-page comic in case the toy isn’t enough.

He is so pink and we love him already, can't wait till he arrives...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

8" Inch Qee Reservoir Dogs Vinyl Figures

TOY2R announces the concepts that were originally seen during Toy Fair earlier this year are now available. In collaboration with Lionsgate, TOY2R has put together an “inspired by” assortment based on the look, theme and classic moments from Quentin Tarantino’s debut 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs.

In celebration of this milestone movie and in honor of Tarantino’s current box office hit, Inglourious Basterds, TOY2R is proud to release this Qee Collection. Now available are these extremely limited 8" Inch Qee Reservoir Dogs Vinyl Figures. From Mr. Black to Mr. White – the gang is all here! Each figure comes in a special collectors box.

Sizing: Approximately 8" Inches

Can't get enough of these...
You can purchase Mr. Brown or Mr. Orange at Spaghetti Project.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Design-A-Qee Series

Qee figures, pronounced "KEY", are a Registered design pattern from Hong Kong creation that has taken the world by storm. Designer Toy/Lifestyles company Toy2R introduced Qee in 2001. And the craze soon caught the imagination of art lovers and collectors world-wide.

These designs are all based off of original artists collaborations during the Qee World tour. A lot of these designs were taken from an original DIY figure and eventually vectorized to make them production pieces. It’s really refreshing to see companies collaborate in this nature because it brings new artists into the mix.

Each iQee comes with an accessory to convert the figure into a key chain so you can take your buddy wherever you go. cutting edge artists from across Asia, America and Europe.

Qee figure series come original assorted in 'blind' boxes so that their identities are concealed. You don't know what figure you will get! This just adds to the excitement and if you get a duplicate you can always trade it with one of your mates. Qees inspire surprise, adventure and fun! Qees have distinguished themselves because they also double as key-chains. Each Qee has a removable attachment for those who wish to use it as a key chain instead of a display figure.

Qees have recently become both fashionable and desirable collector's items. They can be posed on your nightstand or worn as a stylish touch on your key ring.

Get into the intoxicating habit of collecting Qee figurines today!
Available for purchase at Spaghetti Project...

8-inch Wood Qees

Toy2R announces 5 new finishes for the 8-inch Wood Qees

Due to popular response from collectors and fans, Toy2R announces the addition of 5 new Wood Style Finished 8" Qees. The first series of 2.5" and 8" Wood Qees tagged with Toy2R's logo on the chest have since sold out. (" Spaghetti Project" has ONE left in stock...) Listening to requests from collectors - Toy2R has opted to release these new finishes without the logo to capture a true Wood Grain look perfect for any decor.

The new releases feature original finishes of regular wood grain looks in both light and dark versions. The newer added Qees feature the wood finish of Sapele Wood - a reddish-brown wood that in many ways is very similar to Mahogany. Available now in light and dark matte finishes - but also a dark version available in high gloss!

All five versions are the feature release Qees launching Toy2R into its 15th Anniversary in 2010.

8" Dark Wood Grain Matte and Dark Sapele Grain Matte are now available for purchase at Spaghetti Project.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


The D.I.Y. category gets a wake up call!

Now when you purchase a TOy2R 8" D.I.Y. Value Pack, you get everything to get started customizing!

Each set includes a blank white D.I.Y. Qee figure, three 12ml. tubes of Qee Acrylic Paint, and a brush. All you need is space and an idea and you're ready.
Toy2R continually supports the D.I.Y. movement and wants you to remember that any customized Qee can be submitted to TOY2R for consideration of including it in a future Qee assortment. Now that's what makes this genre so cool!
Collect and customize all of your favorite Qee figures:
, Bunee, Cat, Dog, Monkey, Pigee and the Toy2R mascot, the Toyer!

Bear, Toyer and Neon Orange are available for purchase at Spaghetti Project...

Upcoming Limited Edition Stitches from MINDstyle by Scott Zillner, Javier Soto, and Eric Tan (2010)

MINDstyle has some big plans coming for the new year with Disney. Each Stitch is being released throughout the year, so be sure to keep your eye out for the release dates of these figures. The Tron Stitch by Scott Zilner is set to release at SDCC 2010, which is the perfect time and place for the release. Next up is Mr. Ghoulie by Javier Soto, which is set to release during October for Hallowen in 2010. Yet another awesome setting for this very spooky stitch. Last is the Tiki Stitch by Eric Tan, which will be a 10 inch figure and will be released in the first quarter of 2010.
Can't wait for these to be released... Stitch is one of our favorite characters.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Subject 245: Punk 12 inch Figure

The Dead Subject 245 Punk 12 inch Figure, The Dead Subject 245 12" Action Figure. As The Dead continues to multiply in number and in notoriety, Sideshow continues to investigate new possibilities in the realm of undead reanimation... Be Ready!

The Subject 245: Punk 12 inch Figure features:

Limited Edition 750

•All new zombie portrait and 'hands' •Fully articulated standard male body (Art S. Buck) with 30+ points of articulation •Thermal t-shirt •Leather bracelets •Vest with badges •Detailed belt and buckle •Jeans with suspenders •Boots •Concert flyer •12" figure display stand with a print of 'The Dead' logo

  • As The Dead continues to multiply in number and in notoriety
  • DarkFigures & Sideshow continues to investigate new possibilities in the realm of undead reanimation... Be Ready!
  • The Subject 245: Punk 12 inch Figure features
  • Fully articulated standard male body (Art S. Buck) with 30+ points of articulation
  • Thermal t-shirt
  • Leather bracelets
  • Vest with badges
  • Detailed belt and buckle
  • Jeans with suspenders
  • Boots
  • Concert flyer
  • 12" figure display stand with a print of 'The Dead' logo
  • A must own for any zombie fan!


  • Jesse Lincoln
  • Seth Rinaldi
  • Kevin Ellis
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles

Two left in-stock at Spaghetti Project...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Urban Decay Exhibition is-a-comin'!!!

For more information, please check out the link below...
This is going to be the event of the year...'

Custom Vinyl's in Fredericksburg

Our new friend REJUVENILE. - "Deb Yarrington"

Check out her blog about our Custom Munny Show that we did on October 30, 2009.

Haunted Paradise: The Art of Glenn Barr (Hardcover)

Product Description
Glenn Barr's robots, creatures, and vixens live in a seedy yet swinging, 1960s universe, drenched in the haze of a postindustrial hangover. Working out of the burgeoning lowbrow movement in Detroit, Barr creates kinky inner sanctums adorned with disembodied cherubs, morally bankrupt babes, and sizzling femme fatales. Influenced by both pulp art and comics, Barr's work, beautifully sampled in this collection, is the visual equivalent of a David Lynch film.

About the Author
Glenn Barr's work has been seen in various print and television media including Mad, The Ren and Stimpy Show, and Bjork's I Miss You video.

Available for purchase at Spaghetti Project.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ron English: Abject Expressionism, 20 Years of Ron English Art

“Ron English: Abject Expressionism” is a hardcover book that gives a comprehensive look at the 20 year art career of Ron English. The book was designed by Attaboy, published by Last Gasp and features an introduction by Morgan Spurlock.

Ron English has been called the Robin Hood of Madison Avenue for his seminal work in billboard subvertising and is widely considered to be a founding member of the Culture Jamming movement. Abject Expressionism is a comprehensive survey covering 20 years’ of English’s career, from staged photography to neo-Surrealist oil paintings to street art. English’s work often involves “liberating” commercial billboards with his own messages: he wrangles carefully created corporate iconography's so they are metaphorically turned upside down, used against the corporations they are meant to represent. English’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including Paris’ MOCA and NYC’s Whitney. An important look at the work of an artist who has been at the forefront of activist art movements in photography, painting and underground music.

We have one left available for purchase at Spaghetti Project.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

d'artiste: Character Modeling 2

d'artiste: Character Modeling 2 presents the techniques of leading character modelers Kevin Lanning, Zack Petroc, and Timur "Taron" Baysal. Each master artist showcases his approaches and techniques in modeling characters and creatures for film and game projects through expansive graphic tutorials.

Kevin Lanning of Epic Games takes you behind the scenes of creating characters for the triple-platinum Xbox 360 game 'Gears of War' with tutorials on workflows for creating high-polygon and low-polygon characters.

An invited artist gallery provides the opportunity for the master artists to single out inspirational artists and comment on the character work of the greater cg community.

Kevin Lanning
For the past four years Kevin has been working as a Character and Creature Modeler at Epic Games. His most recent work can be seen in Epic’s blockbuster hit for the Xbox 360, ‘Gears of War’.

Timur Baysal
His feature film credits include: ‘Syriana’, ‘Reeker’, ‘Gothika’, ‘Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams’, ‘Impostor’, ‘Megiddo: The Omega Code 2’, ‘Dracula 2000’, ‘Battlefield Earth’ and ‘Dogma’.

Zack Petroc
Zack is currently working as a freelance Art Director and Concept Designer for feature film and games. He is also the author of several training DVDs from The Gnomon Workshop.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome to the inner exploration of Kitty’s Anatomy !

A contrast between old and new anatomical models, designer Dr. Romanelli “surgically” cut away the midsection of Hello Kitty in his new collaboration with Sanrio and MEDICOM TOY CO. A rather interesting revelation was discovered in the process - just how similar Hello Kitty and her innards looked. Comes in contemporary colorway and “Antiqued” finish.

This exclusive "Antiqued" figure will be available at Spaghetti Project next week.

Thursday, December 10, 2009



Check out these cool decks!!!
The decks are designed courtesy of:
Tim Tsui (Hong Kong – 200 pieces limit) Sold Out
Colorblok (Argentina – 100 pieces limit) One Left in-stock!
Mizna (Japan – 100 pieces limit) One Left in-stock!
MAD (USA – to 100 pieces limit) One Left in-stock!
T-28 (Japan – to 300 pieces limit) One Left in-stock!
KOA (France – to 100 pieces limit) One Left in-stock!

Manufactured by: Kaching Brands

Available for purchase at Spaghetti Project.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kidrobot Cotton French Terry

Feast your eyes on this 100% cotton French terry hoodie featuring a flocked One-Eyed Robot Head on the left chest, cotton jersey lined hood, and the Kidrobot logo embroidered on the right sleeve.

Each hoodie is uniquely numbered with love.

Available for purchase at Spaghetti Project.

Black Market Gallery Book 2 Hardcover

The BLK/MRKT Gallery near Los Angeles is one of the most influential galleries for new contemporary art. The artists that it shows are informed by all aspects of urban contemporary culture; influences that range from design and illustration to music and street art. Its targeted and professional approach to emerging talent has rightly caught the eye of the media, the international art scene and brand managers at leading companies. This attention allows the gallery to work as a successful platform for the promotion of promising contemporary artists. BLK/MRKT Two presents current work from a selection of artists associated with the gallery. These include David Ellis, Ian Francis, Mark Dean Veca, Lucy McLaughlan, Mel Kadel, Dave Kinsey, Mark Jenkins, Tiffany Bozic, Gregory Euclide and Ben Tour. Rich with striking images, BLK/MRKT Two illustrates the most current forms of visual expression and trends in contemporary art. Like in the BLK/MRKT Gallery, the book also refrains from putting art on an elite pedestal and instead makes the progressive work produced at the conjunction between urban culture and creative vision accessible to all. Hardcover, color.

Available for purchase at Spaghetti Project.

Black Market Gallery Book 1 Hardcover

BLK/MRKT Gallery was created as a way to present emerging talent as well as compelling urban and fine art. BLK/MRKT ONE presents the gallery's artists and their work, including both up-and-coming and established urban and contemporary artists such as Tiffany Bozic, David Choe, Doze Green, Maya Hayuk, MARS-1, Jeff Soto, Deanne Cheuk, WK Interact, Dave Kinsey, Bask, Evan Hecox, Marion Lane and many more. This book is a "who's who" of the scene and is characterised by the rich variety of styles and visual idioms, its celebration of rising masters, and the promise of discovery. Big, hardcover, color.

Available for purchase at Spaghetti Project.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

d'artiste - Concept Art

d'artiste: Concept Art presents the techniques of leading concept artists Viktor Antonov, George Hull, Andrew Jones and Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier. Through a series of master class tutorials this book guides readers through processes employed to create environments, characters and machinery for film, TV and games. Each master artist demonstrates a unique approach from initial sketch to concept completion through 94 pages of detailed commentary on projects like Matrix Revolutions and Half Life 2.

Biographical notes added to personal and invited artist galleries present unique insights into the approaches and techniques required to be a top concept artist.

Featured Industry Renowned Artists: George Hull, Andrew Jones, Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier, Viktor Antonov.

George Hull is a film designer who worked on ‘Matrix Reloaded’ and ‘Matrix Revolutions’ as a conceptual illustrator and then Senior Visual Effects Art Director. George’s work spans more than 16 films including: ‘V for Vendetta’, ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Constantine’, ‘Jurassic Park: The Lost World’, the special editions of ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, and ‘Return of the Jedi’, ‘Twister’, ‘Star Trek Generations’ and the Oscarwinning ‘Forest Gump’.

Andrew Jones is the Creative Director of Massive Black, a high calibre outsourcing studio for the video game industry. Andrew’s vision has guided the visual direction of Nintendo’s AAA Metroid Prime franchise

Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier has been an active artistic director and concept designer in the gaming industry since 1996. Born in France, he now lives in Dallas, Texas, where he is working for the company id Software.

Viktor Antonov art-directed and did concept design for Valve’s acclaimed ‘Half-Life 2’. He holds a transportation design degree from Art Center College of Design, and has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Available for purchase at Spaghetti Project...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toy of the Day - MINDstyle's Tomodachi 13 by Cameron Tiede

This week we're excited to select the first four figures in MINDstyle's Tomodachi 13 series by Cameron Tiede as the Toys of the Day. Edgar, Oswald, Agatha and Roofus -- Cameron's first original toys, carry his bright color palettes and unique rendering of characters into the 3D realm. Each character design has a strong personality brought out through extremely detailed sculpts which emphasize the organic and playful feel of Cameron's work. With their bumpy surfaces, edged features, and their slightly slanted stature, these figures fully utilize the potential of vinyl to bring his art to life. Each of the 13 Tomodachi figures is limited to a collector friendly 300 pieces, ships in large 'can' packages, comes with a collector card, and retails for $39.99. They are available at Spaghetti Project.

About Cameron Tiede

Raised in the great white north of Canada, on sugar-infested cereal, 80’s music, Peanuts comics, and classic Nintendo games Cameron Tiede has always stayed a kid. In the 90’s, he ventured down to Southern California to thaw out and attend Art Center College of Design where he studied and graduated with distinction in illustration.

Working as a freelance designer and illustrator some of his commercial projects have included clients such as Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks and Warner Brothers. He also teaches illustration and design classes at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and FIDM in Los Angeles, CA.

Cameron’s signature style is infused with raw energetic characters and stimulating color. Described as “illuminated innocence,” his work is as playful as it is honest, and is exhibited and collected around the world.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Freshjive - "Hope is Fading Fast" Obama Tee

With their "Hope is Fading Fast" Barack Obama tee, Freshjive stirs the pot in the political arena. Ever the controversial figure, Rick Klotz, founder and creative director of Freshjive, is known for wearing his opinions on his sleeve, well actually on his chest. This tee, which provides visual commentary on the state of the union, could be the banner of right wingers and naysayers everywhere. However, Freshjive's issue with the government is that they are not leaning as far left as their campaign has continuously promised to the country. According to Klotz' blog, the Obama administration has "maintained continuity with its disgraced predecessor." If dissent is patriotic then this is a salute to the flag.(via StreetLevel)

Freshjive continues to make strong statements in their collections. That is once again the case with the “Hope Is Fading Fast” t-shirt, Freshjive’s first judgement on the Obama administration. What Freshjive has to say about the subject you should check out the link below. The “Hope Is Fading Fast” t-shirt is the first un-branded product by Freshjive and is now available at Spaghetti Project.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Toy of the Day! "Where The Wild Things Are Kubrick/Bearbrick Set

Where The Wild Things Are Kubrick/Bearbrick Set

Imported from Japan! Maurice Sendak's classic children's storybook, Where The Wild Things Are, has inspired generations of children to read, and this Kubrick/Be@rbrick Set brings the memorable characters of Sendak's magical story to life as never before seen...

We have a few that just arrived in today!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Toy of the Day! Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition

Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition
Crazy Label

Following the success of the Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition, Crazy Label and Sevensheaven are proud to announce the Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition - a limited edition USB-powered lamp, this time featuring atmospheric green LED lighting, a cool radioactivity warning sign on his side, the coolest pair of goggles so far, and last but not least: a motion sensor controlled power switch...! The Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition features a cool motion sensor that detects when you turn Seamour on his side, switching off Seamour's light. To turn on the light again, simply put Seamour back on his feet. No more plugging and unplugging of power cables, and no ugly visible power switch! 6.5" tall. Comes with black glossy goggles and USB cable.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Toy of the Day - "Your Momma" by Triston Eaton

Thunderdog Studios released a limited edition soft vinyl sculpture designed by Tristan Eaton called Your Momma, which comes with accessories including tinned beef and ‘secret babies in her belly’. Your Momma is one smokin’, club-wielding pregnant tough cookie who is part glamour wannabe/part curlered harridan. This toy is not cute (and is not meant to be), but represents an action hero in the form of the single mother.

The Biography & Work of:
Tristan Eaton
Location: New York, NY
Bio: Born in Los Angeles in 1978, Tristan Eaton began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscape of wherever he lived, including London, England and Detroit, Michigan. Eaton then moved to New York City to study at the School of Visual Arts, but conveniently dropped out to pursue commercial projects. Since then, Eaton has been the Director of Toy Design for the infamous Kidrobot, held a teaching position at The Parsons School of Art and Design and recently formed THUNDERDOG, his very own toy brand & Creative Agency, based in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Arrived New Imaginary Foundation T's

A little background on Imaginary Foundation:
The Imaginary foundation was established in Geneva in 1973
as an experimental "think-tank" for new ideas. Created by an
eclectic group of free thinkers, the foundation’s research spans
all creative endeavors and assigns as its goal; the wish to
eliminate set conventions in favor of the humorous,
the abstract and the visionary.

In his vision for the Imaginary Foundation, the Director knew that the human mind has more than one mode, that indeed it has an "ecology" of being. He knew that imagination, intuition, inspiration are basic to psyche. . . . A philosophy of research began to form: imagination as fundamental to all learning; artistic making as a model of integrating vision, materials, structure, and imagery.

"What makes true vision is the poetry of life and the richness of nature"