Thursday, December 24, 2009


The D.I.Y. category gets a wake up call!

Now when you purchase a TOy2R 8" D.I.Y. Value Pack, you get everything to get started customizing!

Each set includes a blank white D.I.Y. Qee figure, three 12ml. tubes of Qee Acrylic Paint, and a brush. All you need is space and an idea and you're ready.
Toy2R continually supports the D.I.Y. movement and wants you to remember that any customized Qee can be submitted to TOY2R for consideration of including it in a future Qee assortment. Now that's what makes this genre so cool!
Collect and customize all of your favorite Qee figures:
, Bunee, Cat, Dog, Monkey, Pigee and the Toy2R mascot, the Toyer!

Bear, Toyer and Neon Orange are available for purchase at Spaghetti Project...

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