Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Arrived New Imaginary Foundation T's

A little background on Imaginary Foundation:
The Imaginary foundation was established in Geneva in 1973
as an experimental "think-tank" for new ideas. Created by an
eclectic group of free thinkers, the foundation’s research spans
all creative endeavors and assigns as its goal; the wish to
eliminate set conventions in favor of the humorous,
the abstract and the visionary.

In his vision for the Imaginary Foundation, the Director knew that the human mind has more than one mode, that indeed it has an "ecology" of being. He knew that imagination, intuition, inspiration are basic to psyche. . . . A philosophy of research began to form: imagination as fundamental to all learning; artistic making as a model of integrating vision, materials, structure, and imagery.

"What makes true vision is the poetry of life and the richness of nature"

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