Saturday, December 26, 2009

Design-A-Qee Series

Qee figures, pronounced "KEY", are a Registered design pattern from Hong Kong creation that has taken the world by storm. Designer Toy/Lifestyles company Toy2R introduced Qee in 2001. And the craze soon caught the imagination of art lovers and collectors world-wide.

These designs are all based off of original artists collaborations during the Qee World tour. A lot of these designs were taken from an original DIY figure and eventually vectorized to make them production pieces. It’s really refreshing to see companies collaborate in this nature because it brings new artists into the mix.

Each iQee comes with an accessory to convert the figure into a key chain so you can take your buddy wherever you go. cutting edge artists from across Asia, America and Europe.

Qee figure series come original assorted in 'blind' boxes so that their identities are concealed. You don't know what figure you will get! This just adds to the excitement and if you get a duplicate you can always trade it with one of your mates. Qees inspire surprise, adventure and fun! Qees have distinguished themselves because they also double as key-chains. Each Qee has a removable attachment for those who wish to use it as a key chain instead of a display figure.

Qees have recently become both fashionable and desirable collector's items. They can be posed on your nightstand or worn as a stylish touch on your key ring.

Get into the intoxicating habit of collecting Qee figurines today!
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