Friday, March 19, 2010

"Deckalicious" Skateboard Art Show

Open Reception will be held at Spaghetti Project tomorrow Saturday March 20th, 5pm - 10pm.

Spaghetti Project
1025 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Featured artists:
-->Imani K. Brown of Artistic Sole; Creator of Indian Pussy - Washington, DC
-->"Installation and works by Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings Collective" - Washington, DC
-->Bryan Collins of Downtown Fort Collins, CO Studio at the Gallery Underground
-->Scott Sketo of Zephyr Tattoo Company- Richmond, VA
-->Charles Berger Artist from Washington, DC
-->Herberth Romero aka OneEightyOne - Artist from Northern Virginia
-->Slic Nutz - Artist, Addicted to Ink from White Plains, NY
-->Nelson Seda aka Chief69 - Graffiti Artist from Bronx, NY
-->Adam Henske aka Burn353 - Graphic Designer from Litchfield, IL
-->Mike Die - Artist, Space Ship Builder from Staten Island, NY
-->Chris B. Murray - Artist, from Philadelphia, PA
-->Hamilton Glass - Illustration & Design from Philadelphia, PA
-->Melody Llewellyn aka melodreama - Artist from Toronto, Ontario, CA
-->Kelly Vetter - Artist from Jersey City, NJ
-->Sean Donlon - Artist from Lorton Arts Foundation
-->Drew Storm Graham - Artist from Washington, DC

Decks will be for SALE!!! 
Custom one of kind...


  1. Thanks all for such a great time! We had 3 pieces in the "Deckalicious" show. My two daughters "Jams!" (Jayme Bauguess)--the "Juicy Voodoo" deck, Jenna Leigh Anderson --the "What are you staring at? Help me!" deck, and I, Jay D. Anderson, put in the "Shredding Dangersously" piece. Jenna was awarded first place... she shook... she cried... she was so appreciative. She is still "pinching herself" today saying "I can't believe it!" Kudos... mucho gracias... Love you ALL.

  2. Forgot... wanted to tell you all something about Jenna's work...

    Acrylic on acrylic gesso brush work. Comcept came from studying her BF and her own "squinched up face" in a picures/mirror. She took some reference photos of her BF's hand pressed against the glass, etc. (He is not an angry person though... very peaceful--must throw that in). She put 20 hours into the work (someone alwasys asks that). Some of that time in a graphite study drawing which our SkunkWorX-J3 artist group critic-ed. The tear is a blob of acrylic gel medium, the "breaking glass" has some aluminum foil in it to reflect. The "blood spatter" was from Japanese Anime references... she limited the amount of it... actually intended to put in some more but then forgot and didn't notice it until it was on the wall... she intended it to be just a tad more "messy". Thanks all.