Sunday, September 12, 2010

The NIGHT of the MOVE to Richmond -- by Trey Simpson

At approximately nine o’clock, Arlene inserted the key and unlocked the door to Spaghetti’s new location, and future success.  The smell of fresh paint mixed with anticipation, and excitement.  While it was obvious that the walls were newly stained white, potential quickly coated the room. 
                   I couldn’t help but grin as I assessed the lighting and layout of what would soon become the proper, and worthy home of Edger and Arlene’s “brain child”.  Spaghetti Project is a living, breathing thing, and here, in the heart of Richmond, it was obvious that it was going to thrive. 
Without hesitation, the three of us sprung into action like mechanized drones, beginning the process of unpacking and unloading.  Within ten minutes, we were joined by the infamous local Richmond DJ, Elliott Ness (or Elliott Burton, by those closest to him).  While I was anxious to go beyond casual introductions, and get Edgar and Elliott talking about potential future collaborations and opportunities, I knew we had a mission at hand.  Without missing a beat, (… get it? He’s a DJ…) Elliott jumped into the motion and began helping Edgar and I unload the U-Haul, which had been packed jelly tight before departing Fredericksburg, while Arlene began assembling shelving to at least temporarily hold boxes of untold goodies (you’ll have to come see for yourself to understand just how good they really are).
In what seemed like two shakes and a bake, the U-Haul was empty, and the four of us stood inside, enjoying the relief of modern air conditioning.  The moment I had been waiting for was finally at hand.  I knew, given the opportunity, Elliott and Edgar would hit it off.  Not just musically, but in terms of attitude, appreciation, and outlook.  Arlene and Edgar explained what I’m coining, The Spaghetti Movement was all about, while Elliott listened attentively and smiled.  Creativity flowed through the air as freely as words, igniting excitement on both sides.  By ten thirty, what I consider my Richmond Family had adopted two more members, and Spaghetti had enlisted two more soldiers, not just eager and willing, but eager and wanting to spread the word.  In the span of an afternoon and evening, the entity that is Spaghetti Project took off as if Lenny had loaned his wings.

Thank you Trey for all your support!!! --Spaghetti

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